The reason behind Zlatan’s United exit?


Ibrahimovic’s exit in mid-season came as a surprise!

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s career in Europe has practically ended. After confirming the move to LA Galaxy last week, Ibrahimovic will now most probably play a couple of seasons in the MLS and in the end retire. Many wondered why Zlatan left United so suddenly and didn’t leave his contract run down till June. But now, the surgeon who carried out the surgery on his knee may have revealed the reason. And it has nothing to do with his previous injury..

Towards the end of the 2016/17 season Zlatan suffered an ACL injury. He decided to do the surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre under theย  hands of Dr Freddie Fu Ho-Kueng. The same surgeon revealed that his exit from Old Trafford came after the defeat against Sevilla. Zlatan hoped that his last wish; to win a Champions League might be granted with Manchester United. But after their exit, his motivation with Mourinho’s team might have dwindled.

“He and the coach [Jose Mourinho] get along well. He liked Manchester United, he’s a hero before the injury,” Dr.Fu saidย  with the South China Morning Post.

“His idea was to see if we can go back and win more titles, especially the Champions League. After United lost to Sevilla, I think his decision, in my opinion, was that maybe that was it. This is my feeling.

“United won’t be able to catch up with Manchester City in the Premier League either. Maybe they can win the FA Cup which is good but not as good as the Champions League.

“He did everything else pretty much, won every major thing. Unfortunately they lost to Sevilla. I think he would have stayed longer, but he didn’t tell me that.”

An exit related to his injury?

When asked to answer if Zlatan’s injury impeded his progress with Manchester United, Dr.Fu insisted that there were absolutely no issues with Zlatan’s recovery from surgery.

“He’s doing really well, we checked him all the time with studies and tests,” Dr.Fu insisted.

“The repair has been all sound. There’s no re-injury in any way to him, in terms of structural damage.

“I’d give him an A plus, I reassured the Galaxy he would be fine. The Galaxy doctor will have checked him too, they have to for a big transfer.

“He’s really had no injuries, he just pushed himself so hard. Just more aches and pains. But everything we did was in good shape.”

Ibrahimovic extended his United stay last August. From that moment, he only managed to feature in five league matches as he found it difficult to beat Lukaku’s competition. His only goal this season came against Bristol City in the Carabao Cup.



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