The man who received more Serie A yellow cards than Paolo Montero


Montero was famous for his aggressive approach

For those who remember former Juventus defender Paolo Montero, they can easily conclude that he was a proper rock in the heart of the defence. His hard, tough, aggressive and uncompromising style was a characteristic that few could compete with. Undoubtedly, this style of play brought a big number of cards under his name. In total, in the Serie A Montero received 16 red cards and 43 yellow cards.

However, his record number of yellow cards has been broken. Sassuolo forward Domenico Berardi received his 44th Serie A yellow card of his career last weekend. Moreover, he managed to do this in 132 league games. Despite climbing ahead of Montero on yellow cards, Berardi still has a long way to reach the Uruguayan on red cards. So far, the Sassuolo man has just received four Serie A red cards, 12 short of Montero.

And for those who wish to know more about Montero, we have some brief information. The former Uruguayan centre-back retired back in 2007 with Penarol. Nowadays, he is a manager. In fact he is the current Head Coach of Argentinean squad Rosario Central.


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