World Cup In Doubt For Mo Salah


Mohamed Salah suffered a shoulder injury during the Champions League Final, which may prevent him from competing at the World Cup in June. Klopp has admitted that the injury was likely a bad one, but he remains hopeful that Mo will be fit to play.

When asked about the extent of his injury, Klopp said;

“Yeah it is. Unbelievable.

There’s something with the shoulder obviously. He’s at the hospital having an X-ray. It’s either the collarbone or the shoulder.

It’s a serious injury, a really serious injury.”

Mo was taken to the hospital right after the game to get an x-ray for his shoulder. Mo later tweeted to say that the team doctor looked at his x-ray and confirmed he has ligament damage, rather than a fracture as anticipated.

Klopp referred to Ramo’s attack as ‘harsh’. “But, for me, it was a harsh challenge – the arm was there. It was like wrestling a bit. And then Mo was a little bit unlucky falling on his shoulder,” he said. The Real captain held Salah’s arm as he dragged him to the ground, causing his injury. A move, which could very well have cost Salah his place in the World Cup.

MoSalah“It was a big moment in the game,” said Klopp, who congratulated Zinedine Zidane’s team on their victory. “I know if you say something like that after you’ve lost, you sound like a bad loser. But for me, that was kind of a harsh challenge because the arm is there and it was like wrestling a little bit.

“It was very bad for Mo, very bad for us, very bad for Egypt. That’s part of the sport I don’t like, but things like this can happen. I don’t know what would have happened had Mo played on, we will never know that. Everybody saw in the first half-hour we were the opponent they probably will have expected. We played good football but we lost 3-1 so I don’t think in 10 years people will talk about that. The other decisive moments were the goals. They were quite strange.”


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