Winter Break In England Will Soon Be Made Official


English football will stop briefly over Winter in 2019-2020

English professional football will no longer continue throughout the whole winter season. It is a major victory for the Football Association who have been pushing the idea for years. While the decision has not been formally announced, it is scheduled to be made official before the end of the season.

The winter break will begin in 2019, before the next European Championship. The agreement has been reached between the FA, the Premier League, and Football League. The fact that they have finally found common ground hints that the relationships between the organisations have never been better.


premierleagueStarting from 2019-20 season, the organisations will allow clubs to have a break from competitive games in January and the beginning of February. It is planned that the first break would be held before Euro 2020. At which Wembley Stadium will host seven matches, including both semi-finals and the final.

Players will have time to rest before the international tournaments commence. Moreover, it will give the footballers time to recover from the Premier League. The break will not be the same as for other European countries, which have a complete shutdown. The England Winter break will last for 2 weeks.

The idea behind a winter break is aimed at ensuring England do all they can do to avoid poor performances at major tournaments. It has been indicated by a Uefa study that a player is four times more likely to be injured in the final three months of the Premier League season than over the same period in other European leagues. Therefore, the break should serve as a time to physically recover alongside having a mental rest. The winter break will serve to mend the mind and the body for the players and make them stronger in the following games.