Will Ramadan Affect Mo Salah’s Performance?


Mo Salah is worrying fans with his Ramadan fast

Mo Salah has confirmed he will not be eating in the hours before Saturday’s Champions League match against Real Madrid. Salah will maintain his Ramadan fast, according to reports.

The Egyptian is a devout Muslim and he has been abstaining from food and drink since Ramadan began on 16th May. Ramadan entails that Muslims must not eat, drink or smoke during daylight hours for the whole month. European summer ensures a longer fast than other parts of the world. Salah is not ready to break his fast, and he will continue on fasting. It remains unclear whether his team-mate Sadio Mane will maintain the fast.

Fans are growing more concerned about his choice to stay true to his faith. However, reposts show that the fast ‘will not affect’ Mo on Saturday. The sunset in Kiev is expected to be around 30 minutes before the kick-off, giving Salah time to refuel ahead of the Final.

Moreover, Liverpool have had time to rest, and therefore Mo would have had time to recover. Ramadan should not be something fans have to worry about. Salah has had a standout performance, and it is unlikely that Ramadan will change that.

Mohamed Salah will be facing his rival Cristiano Ronaldo. To date, Ronaldo has scored 15 goals in the Champions League this season and he is looking to guide Real Madrid to their third consecutive success in Europe’s premier competition.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is aware that Madrid’s experience will serve as an advantage, but he is not worried about Salah or the Madrid. When speaking about winning the title, Klopp said;

“I really think it’s a big job to do, but it’s a Champions League final and if it was easy for one team, then that would be completely wrong.

“It’s a big team and a big challenge for both!”

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