Will City or Liverpool win the Premier League?

Liverpool and City have been the two outstanding teams this season but Chelsea delivered a reminder of their credentials with their victory over City.

A number of important weekends lie ahead, as Liverpool will hope for a favour from neighbours Everton when they go to City next weekend, and Guardiola will look for an unlikely ally in Mourinho as he takes Manchester United to Anfield.

Premier League standings

Manchester Cityโ€™s signs of vulnerability

Manchester City

Following their shocking defeat to Chelsea, Manchester City lost the illusion many associated with the squad as being unbeatable. It showed competitors that City can be vulnerable.

Without their key players, their approach took its toll. As a result, the title will be in the balance for longer than people might have thought. However, City will not overreact to one loss – no matter how disappointing.

The Bluesโ€™ first league defeat of the season will likely be processed and forgotten by the time they return to the training ground.

For the first 44 minutes, they performed superbly well without the crucial final to flourish to reward their work.

Guardiola believes his squad are operating at the same level they did last season, but their opponents are gathering momentum – Liverpool being at the top of that list.

It was others, not Guardiola, who applied the aura of invincibility that was stripped away here, and Guardiola said: “We are not here to be invincible, we are here to be champions. If people talk about people being unbeatable, you are selling an illusion.”

It did not serve as a reality check for Man City, as one was not needed according to Guardiola. Rather, it served as one for football fans who were ready to crown them before they actually won.

Manchester City 1.21 vs Everton FC 13.00*

*Odds are subject to change. Find the latest odds here.


Liverpoolโ€™s need for improvement

Liverpool climbed to the top of the Premier League table this weekend

The Reds moved ahead of City following a dramatic 4-0 victory for Liverpool over Bournemouth before City suffered a 2-0 defeat to Chelsea.

Liverpool have won the league 18 times and enjoyed their best ever start to a league campaign, as they remain to be the only undefeated team this season, yet they sit just a point ahead of City.

Klopp has vowed to go with โ€˜everything he hasโ€™ against Carlo Ancelottiโ€™s side but has outlined the fact that his players could be feeling the pressure.

“The boys might be feeling the intensity of the last two games – we ignored the Burnley game and act almost like it didn’t happen,” Klopp said.

“We changed five players and then went again at Bournemouth.

“After a long period of not playing Joel Matip plays two games, Virgil van Dijk plays 20 in a row and these are all things we have to consider.

“We will make sure we have the freshest legs and go with all we have against Napoli.”

Liverpool have had their problems dealing with pressure in recent years, but having Fabinho and Naby Keita playing has helped ease that. In order to win the title Liverpool needed more in midfield and the pair are starting to make a contribution.

Liverpool 1.57 vs Manchester United 5.69*

*Odds are subject to change. Find the latest odds here.

What do Liverpool need for UEFA Champions League Group C qualification?

Liverpool take on Napoli in their final match of group stages. Their 2-1 loss to PSG at the Parc des Princes on matchday 5 was a setback for Klopp. If Liverpool were victorious they would have progressed to the last 16 with a game to spare, knocking the Frech giants out. However, Juan Bernat and Neymar led PSG to victory, despite Milnerโ€™s penalty.

Standings (Standard Newspaper UK)

There are no certainties when it comes to Group C. Noone has a secured spot in the knockout round as of yet, though Red Star Belgrade have been eliminated after their 3-1 defeat to Napoli.

Liverpool will need to beat Napoli in their next meeting either 1-0 or by 2 clear goals. Any other result would leave Napoli with a better head-to-head record.

Napoli 4.96 vs Liverpool 1.61ย 

The other window of opportunity for Liverpool is if PSG were to lose against Red Star. Liverpool will progress with any victory if PSG are not successful in Belgrade. ย 



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