Ferrari welcome Binotto as new Team Principal after poor season 

Ferrari made too many mistakes in 2018, and now they are doing something about it.

On 7th January 2019, Ferrari announced Maurizio Arrivabene was leaving the team. After four years of ‘untiring commitment and dedication,’ Ferrari bid him farewell.

Mattia Binotto replaces Maurizio Arrivabene

Mattia Binotto has since taken over as Scuderia Ferrari’s Team Principal, with all technical areas falling under Mattia’s management. Arrivabene’s exit had been hinted at several times over the last couple of year – so it is not a surprise for most. He was even linked with replacing Giuseppe Marotta as Chief Executive of Juventus football club last October.

While Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel won the opening two races of the 2018 season and took pole position in three of the first four races, Ferrari’s performance waned as the year went on, enabling Mercedes to win a fifth straight drivers’ title with Lewis Hamilton.

In 2018, a series of bad decisions can be linked back to Arrivabene:

1. Monza

Kimi Raikkonen

At Monza, Ferrari opted not to drop an arrangement whereby they alternated which driver runs second in qualify, despite Vettel having a better chance of winning the title. Ferrari had Raikkonen run second and Finn took the pole. It was a Grand Prix Vettel could have very well won, but he was not given the chance.

2. Japan

Lewis Hamilton enjoyed another momentum swing in the Formula 1 title race against Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel after charging to his eighth pole position of the year in qualifying for the Japanese Grand Prix

In Japan Ferrari sent Raikkonen and Vettel out in qualifying on intermediates on a bone dry track. The gamble taken failed to pay off and Vettel qualified ninth with Hamilton coming in eight pole.

3. Driving a wedge between himself & Vettel

Vettel with Arrivabene EPA/SRDJAN SUKI

Arrivabene was responsible for putting the best team of people together – and he failed. His decisions had a negative impact on his star driver Sebastian Vettel. Arrivabene dismissed the issues and said that Vettel should focus on his driving rather than goings on behind the scenes and that Vettel had to earn his place at the team. Overall, Arrivabene showed poor management.


Going into 2019, driver management will be critical. With rookie Charles Leclerc joining this year, there will be a need to nurture and push the drivers to their best abilities. Ferrari know that this season could be their season, providing they make a step forward on what they achieved last year.

Ferrari will be looking to get their house in order under new management just several weeks before the start of the season.



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