Emiliano Sala, Cardiff’s record signing disappeared on his way to Cardiff from Nantes almost two weeks ago.

The search for the missing Piper Malibu plane has continued as the Argentinian striker and the pilot remain missing. Now there will be a specialist vessel commissioned by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch to carry out an inspection of the area underwater.

Cardiff’s first match since the incident was against Bournemouth at home last Saturday.

The Bluebirds together with the whole footballing world were left terrified and shocked with the Sala incident but the Welsh side did manage to bring in another signing during the January transfer window, midfielder Leandro Bacuna from Reading.

But the Cardiff manager Neil Warnock has revealed that in their attempt to sign a replacement for Sala, some of the strikers rejected the move to Wales.

“One or two of the strikers we were talking about didn’t really want to come in the circumstances,” Warnock said.

Nantes supporters pay tribute to their former striker Emiliano Sala. (Loic Venance/AFP/Getty Images)

“They didn’t want to come in after what’s happened. So it’s been a very difficult window.”

When asked to comment on the transfer moves of his club, Warnock said he was still overall satisfied with what has been done.

“Overall, that’s probably as good a window as we expected with the targets we achieved and the circumstances,” he said.

“We could probably have done with another one but we weren’t going to have a gun put to our heads.

“For one lad abroad we were looking at, and the sort of finances we were talking about, you’d have thought he had been playing for his country on a regular basis.

“When they start talking the sort of money I paid for Bacuna for a signing-on fee and an agent’s fee, I don’t think we’re into that.

“I wouldn’t jeopardise the club or the owners by condoning that, so we had to pull a plug on a couple of deals.

“One of the deals was possibly close, but it was astronomical in the end.

“Things seemed to change every day. Whether they were pushing on our circumstances, I don’t know, but we pulled out.”

Cardiff City manager Neil Warnock after the Premier League match against Arsenal.

Both Sala and the pilot David Ibbotson will be given a tribute before the match on Saturday which will be the first one at home since the striker’s disappearance.

“Whatever the families want or think, we’ll adhere to that,” Warnock said.

“We have had to get back to playing. And once we get this weekend out the way and we can move on, we have to regroup.

“We have to come up with a formula to get points on the board. People will write us off and quite rightly so.

“Other clubs have players like Salomon Rondon and Aleksandar Mitrovic, doing what they are doing, but we don’t have one of them.

“So it is more difficult for us, we have to make our own luck now and really have a go.”



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