UEFA announce 5 major changes in its competitions


A new three-year-cycle will commence form season 2018/19

Football is an ever-changing sports. And in order to keep up with these global renovations, UEFA announced major changes in its competitions. This will compliment the start of a new three-year-cycle which will eventually start from next season.

Change #1

From next season in all European competitions (Champions League, Europa League and Super Cup), a fourth substitution will be allowed in extra-time of a knock-out stage match.

Change #2

For the Champions League final, the Europa League final and the Super Cup final, a club can list 23 players on its match-sheet instead of the usual 18 players. Therefore, a manager can have up to 12 reserve players during a final.

Change #3

UEFA has also alternated the kick-off times of the Champions League and Europa League matches. The games will all start at 21:00CET for the Champions League. However, during group-stage matches two of the scheduled four matches will start at 18:55CET. Therefore on Tuesdays and Wednesday there will be two matches at 18:55CET and two matches at 21:00CET. On the last matchday, all fixtures will commence simultaneously. The Europa League matches scheduling will practically remain the same with the 18:55CET and 21:00CET kick-off times. Also, the Super Cup final will be played on August the 15th at 21:00CET in Talinn, Estonia.

Change #4

UEFA also made changes in registrations of players. After the group stage of the Champions League and Europa League, a club may register three new eligible players without any restrictions. Therefore, from next season clubs and players will be free from the cup-tied rule (for three players).

Change #5

Teams who have won the Europa League (or UEFA Cup) three consecutive times or a minimum of five times, can wear a multiple-winner badge on the shirt sleeve. Therefore, Sevilla are the only team entitled to wear this badge from next season. They won this competition five times and for three consecutive years: 2006, 2007, 2014, 2015, 2016. This entitlement has already been given for the Champions League.


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