F1 chiefs closely monitoring typhoon Hagibis in attempts to minimise disruption and concerns at Japanese Grand Prix

Suzukaโ€™s Saturday timetable may change as a super typhoon is set to hit Japanโ€™s east coast this weekend. As the country braces itself for extreme winds and heavy rain, doubts are circulating whether the Grand Prix will go ahead as planned.ย 

Current forecasts suggest that Hagibis will make landfall at some point on Saturday, bringing with it 100mph winds and potential for flooding in coastal locations.

The final practice, and qualifying for the Japanese GP are due to take place on Saturday in Suzuka. F1 has said that they are trying to โ€œminimise disruptionโ€ to the schedule amid concerns about the storm.ย 

“The FIA, Formula 1, Suzuka Circuit and the Japanese Automobile Federation are closely monitoring Typhoon Hagibis and its potential impact on the 2019 FIA Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix,” an F1 statement read.

“Every effort is being made to minimise disruption to the Formula 1 timetable, however the safety of the fans, competitors and everyone at the Suzuka Circuit remains the top priority.

“All parties will continue to monitor the situation and provide further updates in due course.”

No provision has yet been set in the event of the typhoon causing disruption, but one potential alteration to the F1 timetable would be moving qualifying to Sunday morning before the race.

Qualifying has been postponed until the Sunday twice before in Japan due to typhoons, in 2004 and 2010.