The former Roma number 10 hits out at the referee stating that his team was denied a clear penalty in the first half of the match.

Current Inter manager Luciano Spalletti had no criticism for the match official but Francesco Totti things otherwise and described the referee’s performance as “shameful” officiating.

The match ended in a 2-2 draw with the Nerazzurri taking the lead twice but their lead was cancelled out on both occasions.

Keita Balde Diao opened the score with a timely effort in the first half following a not so convincing start to the game by the Nerazzurri. Then a stunning Cengiz Under effort from long range reverted the score back to a draw at 1-1.

Inter improved on their performance and managed to get another goal with an Icardi header from a corner but was once again cancelled out when Kolarov stepped up to take a penalty 8 minutes later which he converted to equalise at 2-2.

The main talking point in the post-match interviews was without any doubt the penalty episode denied for the giallorossi in the first half when Danilo D’Ambrosio tripped Nicolo Zaniolo.

In an interview with Sky Sport Italia, former Roma star Francesco Totti questioned why referee Gianluca Rocchi did not ask for help from the VAR officials.

“Everyone saw it, there’s no need to describe. I want to know, and we all do, how those in the VAR booth didn’t see that foul. We all saw it on a far smaller screen. It’s shameful,” Totti said.

“Why don’t you call them and ask how they didn’t see that? This is precisely what VAR was introduced for. Rocchi might’ve seen it or not, but that’s not the issue. The VAR officials had to see it. Fabbri was watching another game on his screen, evidently.

“That’s not because it’s Roma, it could happen to any club. It’s impossible. Someone ought to call Fabbri and ask: ‘What were you looking at?’ It’s all fine to laugh and joke, but this is serious.” continued Totti.

“We’re not seeking alibis, but this changes the game. We could’ve taken the lead, moments later Inter score. It changes the entire match and that can change an entire season.”

On the other hand, Luciano Spalletti thinks that Rocchi had a good game although he admitted that since the D’Ambrosio-Zaniolo episode was doubtful, he should have went to VAR for further assistance.

“We were told that if there is a 50-50 situation, it should be viewed.

“But then people complain there are too many incidents and then it drags the game on too much,” Spalletti added.

“I thought Rocchi made a lot of good decisions, including the one to send me off, as I over-reacted on the touchline.

“It was an exciting counter-attack, he interrupted it and I lost my temper. It’s fair.”




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