The Italian Formula One racing team has released images of the new car ahead of the upcoming season.

Last week, the Haas racing team published images of their new car designed in black and covering most of the detail on the carโ€™s front wing.

The new Honda-powered STR 14 was unveiled on Monday afternoon and evidenced some important changes when it comes to aerodynamic aspects of the car following the greater restrictions in this regard as from this year.

Toro Rosso will still maintain the blue, silver and red colours, first introduced back in 2017.

The Italian team ended last season in 9th place with 33 points and this year will have the advantage of using parts from its senior team Red Bull.

Team principal Franz Tost left some comments regarding Toro Rossoโ€™s aspirations and the teamโ€™s abilities with respect to the other teams.

“We have analysed all the internal procedures in order to optimise our strengths and minimise our weaknesses.

“Compared to other teams, Toro Rosso count on a smaller number of people, but the synergies with Red Bull Technology for the non-listed parts, now that Red Bull will also be equipped with the Honda engine, will leave more time for our technical working groups to focus more on the details.

“Attention to detail makes the difference and this translates to more performance.”

The team boss continued to explain that the components relating to the Honda engine will be the same specification as that of senior team Red Bull.

He also said that most other parts will still be like last yearโ€™s since Toro Rosso would not be able to develop as rapidly as Red Bull when it comes to all components.

“We have very good technical people to follow the in-house design, and the reliability of last year’s synergy project parts will put us in a more favourable situation to develop quickly during the season,” Tost added.


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