Tom Cruise vs Justin Bieber – Who would win?

Tom Cruise vs Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber challenges Tom Cruise to a fight

While it has not been confirmed, we figured it would be fun to break down a Tom Cruise vs Justin Bieber fight and see how the two pair up.

Justin Bieber challenged Tom Cruise on Twitter to add to his list to fight child hunger, cancer, and โ€˜for what you believe inโ€™.

In his tweet, the pop singer tagged Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White, whose mixed martial arts promotion company is well-known for holding fights within an octagon-shaped cage.

While White has not replied to Bieberโ€™s tweet, retired UFC champion Conor McGregor was quick to jump into the fray, offering to host the bout as well as issuing a challenge of his own to actor Mark Wahlberg in successive tweets.

Nobody knows why Bieber, 25, issued the challenge to Cruise.

Cruise, 56, is more than twice Bieberโ€™s age, and about 5cm shorter.

The American blockbuster broke his right ankle after kicking a building whilst filming Mission Impossible 12 in 2016, and this could be something Bieberโ€™s camp will target in their preparations. The age-gap of 31 years between them must be taken into deep consideration, and could vastly affect the state of play should the clash go into the fourth or fifth round.

At 5โ€7 and 5โ€9 respectively, Cruise and Bieber should match up particularly well in the stand-up exchanges where neither should gain an advantage as a left-hander, because both are southpaw.

Bieber has not offered any explanation of his intentions, other than to post a follow-up tweet containing a fan-made parody video of Cruiseโ€™s 1997 film Far and Away, which depicts Bieber getting beaten by Cruise in a fight.

Cruise is a diligent and hard-working professional who can dredge up fight scenes from a heavy filmography of past work as Ethan Hunt, Jack Reacher and Nathan Algren (The Last Samurai) as well as the possessor of fine grappling skills as a former amateur wrestler.

Age and experience may conquer youthful bravado here between two debutants with seemingly nothing to gain from this bout other than yet more dollar bills.

While many are backing Cruise to win the hypothetical fight, others have expressed their confusion over the bizarre proposal. Cruise himself has not responded to Bieberโ€™s challenge, although it was pointed out that Bieber did not actually tag Cruise in his original tweet.

For now, the internet will have to waitโ€ฆ