Recovery is the main focus for Tiger Woods

Inflammation where? “Everywhere,”Tiger Woods replied in a press conference on Tuesday.

After coming off four days of competition at WGC-Bridgestone Invitational, Woods took the time to rest on Monday. Woods is known for being vague in his press conferences, but inflammation is not something that has come up before. When asked for more specifics on the inflammation he’s dealing with this week, he refused to offer any, saying, “No, that’s it.”

What Woods did ‘elaborate’ on was how important rest is to his pre-major preparation at age 42. During the prime of his career, Woods used to lift and run more during the run-up to a major in order to stay ‘fresh’. On Monday, it was just a couple of baths in ice and a light leg workout for Woods. He did as little as possible ahead of Thursday’s start of the 100th edition of the PGA Championship.

TigerWoodsFollowing four surgeries to his back and four more to his left knee, Woods is well past his heyday years when he would run 10 miles, lift a ton of iron and hit golf balls for two hours just to cool down.

“I needed that day off,” Woods said Tuesday after an abbreviated practice round. “I spent a few times in the ice bath just trying to get some inflammation down and just trying to get ready for the rest of the week. And I did a lot of stretching. Did a leg lift, as well.”

Woods, who is playing his 80th major this week explained, “things are going to be different from day-to-day, and it’s just about managing it. Before, I didn’t really have any of those issues when I was early in my career because I didn’t have a fixed point in my back. My knee used to hurt a lot, but I could play around that. Playing around my spine’s a little bit different.”

Woods may have changed his stripes in how he goes about it, but his preparation for a major has remained the same. He will show up at Bellerive Country Club on Thursday mentally and physically fresh.


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