The Real Reason Eric Bailly is Not Mourinho’s First Pick


Mourinho speaks up about Bailly

Manchester Unitedโ€™s Jose Mourinho finally admitted the real reason why the fullback player Eric Bailly has not been part of the first team lately. Bailly hasnโ€™t been featured in any of the previous 3 games, including their win in the FA cup over Tottenham. This has undoubtedly begun to make Manchester United fans suspicious.

Ahead of their upcoming match in Brighton, Jose Mourinho discussed the matter at the pre-match conference. Jose Mourinho claimed to have excluded the Ivory Coast defender from the starting XI because he will not be participating in the 2018 World Cup this June. Eric Bailly will not play in the World Cup, thus giving other defenders such as Marcos Rojo and Phil Jones the chance to play before they are flown to Russia this Summer.

The former Villarreal defender joined the Premier League with the Reds for a reported fee of ยฃ30 million in June 2016, but he will not be playing any time soon it seems. The last game Eric Bailly was seen being a part of was actually Manchester Unitedโ€™s win against the new league champions in the Derby. ย 


โ€œBailly is fine, no injury,โ€ Mourinho expressed to the reporters. โ€œHe is one of our five central defenders and honestly, my work is not about World Cups and preparing players for the World Cup or giving chances to players to do the World Cup, but he’s the only central defender whose country’s not in the World Cup.โ€

Mourinho goes on to say โ€œI try to be a good team manager and that means being cold, being selfish, but I am not as bad as that and I still have space for a little bit of feelings. So, when I look at the other four central defenders fighting for a position in the World Cup, I’m giving less [time] to Eric [Bailly].โ€

Manchester will face Brighton later on today in Falmer Stadium, Brighton. Odds for Brighton to score the first goal are 2.70ย 


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