Stroll Likely To Stay With Williams


Suggestions of a new contract for Stroll

Stroll has lived up to Williamsโ€™ expectations and has said that she is proud of the work and progress he accomplished this year. ย Moreover, she has suggested that Stroll is in line for a new contract. The Candianโ€™s future will likely be tied to Williams next season.

While she has refused to comment on his contract, she did say; โ€œWe do not like to separate from drivers without good reason.โ€ Furthermore, when commenting on his performance, Williams said;

โ€œHe has worked very hard to improve the points he had to improve. Heโ€™s under a lot of pressure, getting criticism that is not deserved and I think heโ€™s showing tremendous maturity in dealing with all of it.

โ€œI am very proud of the work he has done for us and I hope that we will soon be able to give him a car that will allow him to show his full potential.

Strollโ€œI honestly believe he has a great career ahead of him in Formula 1.โ€

Stroll is back in Montreal this weekend as he returns to Montreal. A new spec engine from Mercedes and a boost of local support will hopefully offer an opportunity for points on home soil.“We are working on all of the parts to improve the package and be able to fight for the points again, but it takes time,” said Stroll.

“In principle, we could benefit from the engine, but I prefer to wait until we’re on track to say. Warned. So far this season we have sometimes progressed and sometimes regressed, so I just hope the next step will be positive.”


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