Southgate Talks About Squad Expectations


England will have a different approach in Russia

Gareth Southgate has made some brave picks this year for Russia. His approach is evidently different to past experiences in the Worldโ€™s football competition. This year, for Russia 2018, Gareth Southgate has announced that he wants his squad to play entertaining football.

Southgate wants his players to entertain fans during the campaign in Russia. The 23-man squad are flying from Birmingham to Russia on Tuesday afternoon, destined for their base camp in Repino, on the Gulf of Finland.

โ€œWe hope we can send people to work the following day having enjoyed our matches, I know what those tournament experiences can be like and we desperately want to bring that,” he said

The England boss believes his young and eager side are well on the way to achieving that aim.

“We know we are not the finished article, in fact, we’re a long way from, but I think people see signs of progress and enjoy watching us and the manner in which we try to play.

“We are seeing a team that is enjoying each other’s company, getting on well, is very proud to represent the nation. They have some talent, have a real desire and determination to play for England.โ€

He intends to improve the supportersโ€™ experience by providing entertainment.

“I’ve talked before about there being a disconnect between the supporters and the team and I’ve felt that there are different ways to bridge that. The most important is the way you play, and your performances and your results,” Southgate said.

England face Tunisia on 18th June, followed by England Panama on 24th and England Belgium on 28th June.




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