If you think your favourite football club is good at engaging with fans, then you surely havenโ€™t seen what Scottish club Livingston has done.

The Scottish top-flight club has taken it to Twitter to decide on the future of one of its players. The bizarre Twitter poll by Livingston is about whether veteran goalkeeper Gary Maley should be given a new contract or not.


Whilst other clubs choose to leave it in the hands of management personnel to decide the fate of their players, Livingston is leaving it up to the fans.

The 37-year old goalkeeper is the clubโ€™s only player whoโ€™s on a part-time basis and is without a contract this summer.

As expected, this social media gaga brought with it a huge number of shocked replies. One of the fans replied to the post and pointed out that this could be โ€œillegal in employment lawโ€.

Many are considering this as an elaborate joke from the club towards the third-choice goalkeeper. In fact, even Maleyโ€™s own teammates joined in on the fun.

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Defender Marvin Bartley replied saying, “He said he wants to leave and dislikes every team and their fans in Scotland! Feel free to vote whatever you want though.”

Livingston assistant manager David Martindale also continued with the humour, saying, “It’s time to hang your gloves up big fella, you had a good run at it. Scott McDonald penalty save at Tannadice a glorious high in your career, the only high tbf. Take care but we have to move on.”

For all the fans who are concerned about Maleyโ€™s situation with the club, they can put there mind at rest after seeing the pollโ€™s results.

At the time of writing, there have been around 165,000 votes with 68.6% of the people favouring the new deal for Maley, while the other 31.4% saying he should go!

What do you think? Have your say and vote now!