Ricciardo flipped Bottas the finger after overtaking


Ricciardo makes waves at Hungarian GP

RicciardoBottasThe battle between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel has been the topic of discussion lately, but incidents involving other teams and drivers have also been recognised. The Hungarian Grand Prix on Sunday was no short of drama.

Ricciardo made up for his underwhelming qualifying session on Saturday by showing a phenomenal performance. Ricciardo fought his way up to fourth, starting from 12th on the grid and plummeting on the opening lap.

The incident involving Botas in his Mercedes and Red Bullโ€™s Ricciardo was the subject of concern for the stewards. During the 68th lap, he tried an ambitious overtaking manoeuvre over Bottas on Turn 1, but came in contact with his Finnish rival as he locked up on the brakes, sweeping Ricciardo off the track in the process.

The stewards adjudged in favour of Ricciardo and Bottas was conveying the message via radio by his team to concede the place to the Red Bull driver on the final lap.

Bottas gave way and on his route to gain the fourth place, the Aussie star flipped the bird at the Silver Arrows driver.

Speaking on the issue, the 29-year-old said: โ€œBefore the incident at the end with Valtteri in Turn 1, I knew he had some damage, so I knew it should be relatively easy to pass him, but he obviously just went too deep into that turn.

โ€œI couldnโ€™t see his car in my blind spot so I left room, and then I got the hit but fortunately I didnโ€™t spin.โ€

โ€œFor sure, I felt I did all I could, I gave him enough room. I guess with the damage he went in pretty hot. It was definitely over the top.โ€

โ€œBut I wanted to still get him back on-track as opposed to waiting for a penalty.โ€


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