Renault surprised by Ferrari engine gains in 2018

Renault surprised by Ferrari engine gains in 2018

Ferrari’s emergence as the fastest engine in F1 has caught many in the paddock by surprise, including Renault technical director Nick Chester.

After years of Mercedes dominance in the power unit stakes, Ferrari has emerged as the strongest engine supplier this season, with Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff estimating the time deficit in a straight line atย Hockenheimย two weeks ago to be worth half a second.

The Scuderiaโ€™s engine, and its battery, has been the subject of much speculation so much so that theย FIA took additional steps in Monacoย to monitor it, however, they found nothing wrong after the inspection.

For whatever reason Ferrariโ€™s engine is definitely on the up and up as also witnessed by their customers Sauber and Haasโ€™ on-track improvements.

Chester stated that โ€œthey definitely made a big step Canada-time. Iโ€™d say yeah, we are a bit surprised.

Renault’s Nick Chester


โ€œTheyโ€™ve got a strong engine anyway, but itโ€™s really quite strong now.


โ€œThe performance is right up there.โ€

As for suggestions that some of Ferrariโ€™s gains could have come from a blown rear wing, Chester said: โ€œNot that weโ€™re aware of. But itโ€™s always hard to know what another team is doing.

โ€œIt just seems to be more power unit output. Their straight line speeds are very strong while running a sensible rear wing on the car. So they do seem to just have good power.โ€


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