Raiola’s surprise admission about Pepe Reina


Reina has reportedly signed a three-year contract with Milan

Mino Raiola’s relationship with the AC Milan hierarchy is in an all time low. This week, this relationship kept on going lower as journalists asked the super agent about the future of the Milan goal.

As speculation kept on mounting about Reina’s transfer to Milan, curious journalists asked Raiola whether his client Donnarumma or Reina will play for the Rossoneri next season. The agent’s answer was a surprise:ย โ€œHopefully Reinaโ€ฆโ€.ย This comes after continuous reports that Raiola is doing his utmost to take Donnarumma away from Milan.

As he continued speaking withย Radio 24,ย Raiola also emphasized about the fact that Buffon was re-called with the national team despite announcing his retirement. At first, it was evident that Donnarumma would take Buffon’s place with the national team. But as things stand, the Milan goalkeeper must wait a few years more to be the titular for the Azzurri.

“I’m amazed by the choice of Buffon, who I love. But that’s just how Italy is, I need to tell you that”, Raiola said.

“I’ve been trying to change things for 10 or 15 years without success.

“We give the national team to [Giampiero] Ventura and now [Luigi] Di Biagio – who has never achieved anything at a high level – and then await results.

“If you win you’re right, because that’s all that counts in Italy and for me that’s wrong.

“If we call Buffon today we have to take him to the Euros, that seems clear to me.

“We’ll only see Donnarumma with Milan and not with the national team. Because if a new cycle starts with Buffon he’ll continue up to the European Championships.

“If not then he [Donnarumma] will do it.”


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