Premier League to introduce VAR next season: Reactions

Video Assistant Referee system used for the first time in World Cup history. Source: FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images

The breakthrough technology of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) is set to be used in the Premier League starting next season after league clubs agreed to its introduction.

It is still pending approval from FIFA and the International Football Association Board

VAR made a popular introduction to the world of football during the 2018 World Cup in Russia over the summer so much so that even top leagues in Spain, Germany, and Italy adopted this new technology. The Premier League is next in line after VAR was widely used and approved in some FA Cup and Carabao Cup matches.

UEFA has also confirmed the introduction of this new technology in the Champions League next season.

The decision came into play during a controversial decision made by a referee in Southampton’s 1-1 draw with Watford last weekend.

In the post-match interview, Saints striker Charlie Austin angrily demanded the introduction of VAR after his goal was wrongly denied by referee Simon Hooper, who considered Maya Yoshida to have interfered from an offside position.

The striker said, “People go on about VAR. They [the referees] clearly need help.”

“If this is the best, most-watched league in the world then give them all the help they need. It is a joke.”

Following the league’s VAR announcement, Southampton jokingly tweeted that Austin was changing the world one interview at a time.

Other Twitter users have also responded to the news on the social media platform:



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