Premier League club opens investigation after players stole taxi in Spain


Mid-Winter trip to Spain turns nasty

As Premier League clubs try to pick available slots in their busy schedule, many of them choose to travel for training camps in this cold period. The aim of such trips are to serve as team-bonding in warmer conditions. But sometimes, these trips could turn out nasty. This is what happened to West Bromwich Albion.

According to BBC, four WBA players were interviewed by Spanish police. The reason was that they allegedly stole a taxi from outside a fast-food restaurant in Barcelona on Thursday. The Catalonia police said the players (who were not mentioned by their names) were not arrested but asked some questions about the incident. Additionally, the club opened its own investigation in the case.  On its website the club released this statement:

“The Club can confirm that four senior players were involved in an incident during this week’s mid-winter training trip to Spain.

“The Club has instigated its own investigation into the incident and the players will be subject to the full rigours of our internal disciplinary procedures.

“Until such time as that investigation has been completed, the Club will not be making any further comment.”

The Catalan police said the players wanted to go out in the city but found everywhere closed. Therefore, they took a taxi to a restaurant. As they left the restaurant at 5.30am, the players drove back to the hotel with the taxi and without the driver. Furthermore, the police received a call by the hotel and the taxi driver who found his taxi at 8am.

Alan Pardew’s man lie at the bottom of the Premier League. They won only one match in their past 25 league matches. On Saturday they will face Southampton in a game valid for the FA Cup.




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