Pochettino explains how Agnelli and Marotta put pressure on referee


Juventus managed a comeback as they were 1-0 down in first half

After Tottenham Hotspurs’ elimination from the Champions League at the hands of Juventus, manager Mauricio Pochettino had some stern words to say. According to the Argentinean manager, senior Juventus officials came down in the tunnel to furiously argue with Polish referee Szymon Marciniak during half-time at Wembley.

This episode surprised Pochettino and said that it was not just it. The manager detailed that Juventus president Andrea Agnelli and general manager Giuseppe Marotta appeared in the tunnel at different stages on Wednesday. Overall, he thought that his team need to learn from Juventus’ off-field tactics if they want to reach out for the top.

โ€œI am not saying that [Spurs chairman] Daniel Levy needs to be [in the tunnel],โ€ Pochettino exclaimed.

โ€œOnly that the Juventus game was a massive lesson in how to behave. Before the game Agnelli was there. After the game, Agnelli, Marotta.

โ€œI saw how they put pressure on the referee. We might have had two penalties in the first half. Maybe there was a penalty against Jan but itโ€™s about balance. It is about the small details that count a lot in these types of games, where both teams have a chance to win. I believe those details can help the club.โ€

The referee was in the centre of controversy as he decided not to award Douglas Costa a penalty after Jan Vertonghen floored him in the first half. But Pochettino was adamant that Spurs should have had two penalties after Chiellini handled the ball twice in the box.

Juventus are specialist

Furthermore, the 46-year-old branded Juventus as specialists to putting pressure on the referee.

โ€œJuventus are specialists. They are used to winning, used to putting pressure on the referee. The owner (Agnelli) was in the tunnel before the game.

“It is a club with a culture where they do everything to help the team. It is a massive opportunity for us to learn, not only about the game on the pitch, but off it. There are two games against this type of club โ€“ one on the pitch, one off it.

โ€œIt is a massive lesson because if you are going to win, you need help from everyone. Then on the pitch there are players like Chiellini andย Gianluigi Buffon, who have massive experience and have played in Champions League Finals. In important moments, they can use that.โ€

Tottenham will play again on Sunday. The Lilywhites will face Bournemouth as they continue to work for points to get a place for next season’s Champions League.


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