Evra has denied what was written about him in claims from Paris-Saint Germain about the French defender’s alleged homophobic comments.

The French club has condemned what they saw as anti-gay comments aimed at the Parisian side.

The former United defender attended his former club’s impressive Champions League victory over PSG this month at the Parc des Princes.

Patrice Evra and Paul Pogba (Photo by Anthony Dibon/Icon Sport)

Evra is known for his frequent use of social networks  (especially video posts on Instagram) and on Monday he posted a video showing him and another man in the back seat of a car and responding to their follower’s views on PSG.

“This is Manchester. Stop going off on one about PSG and validating teams who will never win anything,” they appeared to be saying in the video.

“We’re men speaking here,” and it was these comments which actually triggered the Parisian club’s attention and which they saw as against the gay movement.

PSG then released a statement on Tuesday in which they condemned the comments they described as “homophobic insults”.

Evra was involved in the controversial Instagram live video on Monday.

“These remarks profoundly shocked the club, which is particularly committed to the values of respect and inclusiveness,” the French club added.

But following the statement, Evra himself said that it was the French news portals who twisted his words and that he had nothing against gay people.

“They translate it as I am against the gay people,” Evra said in a post on Twitter. “I am not homophobic, I am ‘Mr I love this game’.

“I love everyone. So if I offended someone I apologise. But it is not my intention. I understand equality. You have to be free whatever you do in life.

“I would never judge anyone. My mum raised me that way. Only God can judge me. We need to make the world a better place so please stop this negativity because you will never shut me down.”

Evra had already initiated the controversy with PSG after their Champions League exit on March 6th with a video posted on social media in which he provoked them for the elimination. He was later criticised for his behaviour by the Ligue 1 side.


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