NFL Week 8 Schedule & Odds

The top four scoring offence teams in the League so far are Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints, Los Angeles Rams and England Patriots. This year, offence seems to be the key to getting ahead. The days of playing great defence seem to be over… Throw to win, run to score.

Top Team

Rams are definitely are our top pick, and one of our easy wins this week, which you can read more about below.


26th October

Miami Dolphins 3.57  vs Houston Texans 1.25

The first game of Week 8 sees the Dolphins face the Texans. On a four-game winning streak, the Texans (4-3) are dealing with recovering and getting ready for the next game without a lot of time. The Texans are favoured to win and we anticipate an exciting match.

28th October

Philadelphia Eagles 1.55     vs Jacksonville Jaguars 2.30

Washington Redskins 1.85   vs New York Giants 1.85

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2.62   vs Cincinnati Bengals 1.43

Seattle Seahawks 2.25  vs Detroit Lions 1.57

Denver Broncos 4.30   vs Kansas City Chiefs 1.18

New York Jets 3.30    vs Chicago Bears 1.28

Easy Win 

Cleveland Browns 3.57  vs Pittsburgh Steelers 1.25

The Browns don’t have anything compared to the Steelers, this should be an easy win for Pittsburg. With Hue Jackson threatening to get involved in the offence play calling it’s never been a more obvious pick.

Baltimore Ravens  1.73 vs Carolina Panthers 1.97

Indianapolis Colts  1.57 vs Oakland Raiders 2.25

San Francisco 49ers 1.88   vs Arizona Cardinals 1.82

Easy Win

Green Bay Packers 4.05  vs Los Angeles Rams 1.20

The Rams are favoured to win, and it shouldn’t go any other way with the way they’ve played this season. How long will they go without losing a game?

29th October

New Orleans Saints 1.86   vs Minnesota Vikings 1.84

30th October 

New England Patriots 1.065    vs Buffalo Bills 7.10

We’re pretty confident the Patriots will beat the Bills this coming week.


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