Initial injury report for Sunday’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Philadelphia Eagles 1.55  

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2.30


Players’ Injuries and Status


SheltonGibson Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Shelton Gibson

Gibson’s knee injury is a new one, especially since the wide receiver only played four snaps in the Eagles season opener against the Atlanta Falcons. Perhaps there’s more than meets the eye there, especially since DeAndre Carter played wide receiver on 74 percent of the snaps.

“It’s based on kind of how we go into each game,” said Eagles head coach Doug Pederson. “It’s not a match-up thing or anything like that. It’s just that DeAndre right now is more of an inside receiver and Shelton is more of an outside guy. We moved Nelson (Agholor) outside a little bit more in this game, which allowed for DeAndre to play.

And then we put DeAndre at the point where he was having to block safeties and — he does a nice job there. It was a little bit by scheme, but also the way the game kind of played out.”

Gibson should be good to go for Sunday, but this injury is something to monitor.


Darren Sproles

Sproles led the Eagles running backs with 29 snaps last week against the Falcons, but this hamstring injury is a new development. Hard to imagine this injury keeps Sproles out of Sunday’s game, but the Eagles will likely limit Sproles’ snaps in Sunday’s game.

Doug Pederson admitted he wanted to do so anyway.

“Well, I’ll start with Corey. We’ve got to be careful giving him a lot of extra touches because from the standpoint of he’s also a special teams player, and I want to keep him healthy and going for four quarters, first of all. And then Sproles, we know coming back is going to be mixed in there primarily on some third downs and some special situations offensively, first and second down,” Pederson said.

“Jay to us is kind of the workhorse, the guy that is going to, between the tackles, he’s going to pound it through there and he’s a tough, physical, big guy that really took off in the second half. You know, it’s just — it was good to see because the running game — for me as a play caller, too, I’ve just got to stay patient with the run game because it might look kind of ugly early, but the more we get on track with our offensive line and fitting blocks and doing all that kind of stuff, the better it becomes throughout the game. So for me, it was just a matter of sticking to it and sticking with him in the second half.”


Alshon Jeffery

Jeffery is back on the practice field but didn’t participate in 11-on-11’s. It’s unlikely he’ll play on Sunday. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Jeffery will miss the first two games of the season and would return against the Indianapolis Colts on September 23.

“He’s doing a great job with his rehab,” Pederson said earlier in the preseason. “He is in…I would say more the strength phase with the weights and that part. He’s still doing his lower body conditioning with running and doing some things that way with his legs, making sure his cardiovascular is good.

“He can’t do a ton of stuff yet necessarily on the field because of the motion of the arm swing, but we can get him in the tanks, the pools, the Alter Gs, things like that, and get his cardio up. But kind of in the strength phase right now and really doing a nice job.”


Carson Wentz

The Eagles named Nick Foles the starter, but Wentz hasn’t been ruled inactive. A normal work schedule may help Wentz, but don’t expect him to play Sunday. Wentz has not been cleared for contact.

“We are kind of glad we’re back into a normal schedule, normal work week. And that’s just our focus,” Pederson said. “We try to be 1-0 this week and that’s all we worry about. And last week is over with, and we’re on to Tampa Bay and against a good opponent. They scored 48 points, so they have a high-powered offence that we’ve got to stop.”


Eagles vs Buccaneers



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