Suns end Week Three tied for second in the Western Conference

The Phoenix Suns (6-3) bounced back from a 16-point loss to Miami as they burned the Brooklyn Nets. The Suns led by as many as 30 points. The final score was Suns 138, Brooklyn Nets 112.ย 

The Suns starting five can be explosive when clicking, and it showed here. This is even without suspended Deandre Ayton. All five reached double figures.

Rubio had 20 points through three quarters. The assists are a given, but again, when heโ€™s hitting the 3, the Suns are a different team. When Rubio gets in rhythm, the Suns are hard to stop.ย 

Irving finished with just 15 points on 7-of-16 shooting after coming into the game averaging 31.9.ย 

Baynes and Oubre are consistently outpacing what people thought they would perform this year.ย  Baynes is now 18-of-38 from 3. That’s 47.3% for a guy that hadn’t shot better than 34.4% from 3.

Facing a five-out team with shooters everywhere for the first time this season, the Nets allowed seven double-figure scorers, 52.5 percent shooting, and 19 of 42 from deep. To say they played poor defense would be an insult to poor defensive teams.ย 

The Suns end Week Three tied for second in the Western Conference. Even after unexpectedly losing Deandre Ayton to a 25-game suspension after the first game, the Suns – and James Jones – have managed to silence many of their doubters.

For all the Suns fans out there… It’s time to sit back and enjoy watching good basketball. It’s long overdue and no fans of any other team deserve it more than Suns’ fans.

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