We take a look at the players who could land the Lakers a title this year

1.Alex Caruso

The Lakers have built an identity around physicality and toughness on the defensive end, and the efficiency that comes with their star players. 

Alex Caruso is probably the best defensive point guard on the Lakers, and by a pretty wide margin. He seems to know that’s where he’ll make his biggest impact on the game.

Wherever he is on the court, he calls out coverage and to see where his teammates are. He flies around the court, getting the job done. 

2. LeBron James 

Last season the Lakers welcomed LeBron, so expectations were flying high – that is until LeBron injured his groin on Christmas Day. 

After LeBron’s injury, the season wasn’t the same. LeBron only played 55 games due to a combination of his groin injury and rest. 

We expect LeBron to come back stronger than ever this season. So, watch out – as LeBron almost always gets the last laugh. 

3. Anthony Davis

We predict Anthony Davis will remind us all what a monster he truly is – and no we’re not referring to the monobrow he’s rocking. It’s easy to forget what a dominant player he is when he sits out for a long time like he did last season. 

When Anthony Davis runs alongside LeBron they’re a force to be reckoned with.

4. Kyle Kuzma 

Kyle Kuzma’s start to the season was delayed due to an injury, but he’s back now, and how the Lakers’ go from here may very well be dependent on his play.

After months of watching from the sidelines, it took Kyle Kuzma just nine seconds to hoist up his first shot when he finally stepped back onto the floor for the Lakers. 

In just 18 minutes of shaking off the rust, Kuzma finished his season debut 0-4 from 3-point range, but chipped in nine points in the team’s win. He registered just five points in only 15 minutes in yet another road win for the team.

Kuzma has the coordination and physical tools to be a reliable to good defender, but buying in and proving it on the court is what ultimately counts. That hasn’t always been there in the past, but will need to be.

5. Danny Green 

The Lakers are banking on Green to be an elite wing defender and three-point shooter, in addition to adding some much-needed championship experience this season. 

Green has won enough to know that pressing and stressing isn’t the best way to go about it. Everyone is rightly surprised if LeBron James doesn’t reach the NBA Finals; Anthony Davis gave up a ton to take this shot at success with the Lakers, as did this front office. 

With those lofty expectations as a backdrop, Green’s laid-back style that still projects professionalism will serve as a valuable element as the Lakers try to develop as opposed to demand results.

Lakers to win NBA 2019/20 4.33


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