Nainggolan reveals Juventus coach insulted him


“Go to hell”

Roma’s Belgian midfielder Radja Nainggolan stopped by Premium Sport to talk about the defeat against Juventus after former Giallorossi defender Mehdi Benatia scored the winning goal in the first half.

Nainggolan began by talking about the altercation that occurred at the end of the match in the players tunnel with Juve assistant coach Landucci: “I wanted to shake Landucciโ€™s hand, as I worked with him at Cagliari and I care about those who helped me to grow in my career. He told me to go to hell. I understand there is tension at the final whistle, but I was just trying to shake his hand but it was not reciprocated.”

The former Cagliari midfielder turned to the match itself saying that: “This is Juventus, they are a strong side. We wanted to press them high, but we shouldโ€™ve been more focused. Coming here and not taking the chances we create, it becomes difficult to get a point then. Patrik Schick was a little down in the locker room. He is trying to work for the team and he felt that he couldโ€™ve scored that late chance. Itโ€™s a difficult time for him, but in future heโ€™ll certainly help us with his goals.”

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