Mourinho Furious – AC Milan Scooping Up Fellaini


Fellaini will Leave Manchester United on 1st July

Fellainiโ€™s FA Cup performance left Mourinho furious. It was his lack of effort that had the Portuguese boss believing that Fellaini was saving himself for the World Cup. However, it could have been more that. Mourinho has had a few disagreements with his players over the year which could be impacting their performance, and Fellaini is no exception.

Throughout the season, Fellaini has made 16 appearances, 11 of which were from the bench. Altogether, Fellaini appeared in 23 games, starting seven, across all competitions under Mourinhoโ€™s management.

In February, when discussing the renewal of contract, Mourinho had told Fellaini to โ€œsign the contract and shut up.โ€

โ€œI told him: โ€˜Donโ€™t gamble too much. Sign the contract before you know the extent of the injury.โ€™ It is not an ACL, a complete rupture of any structure of the knee. But we need him, the Champions League is arriving [on 21 February] and lots of tough matches to play and probably we are going to lose him for a few weeks. Two, three, four or five, I cannot say at the moment.โ€

Despite Mourinhoโ€™s โ€˜encouragingโ€™ words, Fellaini refused to extend his deal, and he is ready to leave Old Trafford this summer. Moreover, Fellaini is not the only player under Mourinhoโ€™s management that has shown theyโ€™re not happy. Defender Eric Bailly did not show up at the clubโ€™s awards ceremony fuelling speculation. When asked about it he had said that he was too ill to attend, however, he was reportedly seen messing about and dancing with Ander Herrera the day after.

Most recently, it was the FA Cup which made Mourinho terribly furious. Fellaini felt he was not ready to play which left Mourinho helpless. He reported;

“When a player tells you he’s not ready to play when a player tells you that he is not ready to start, then the question is how many minutes do you think you can play – How can I convince a player who tells me he is not ready to play?”

It wonโ€™t be an issue for Mourinho much longer since Fellaini will be leaving in July. Recent news suggests that Fellaini will be moving to AC Milan.

FellainiForACMilan“Fellaini could be an important player, he is,” Mirabelli told Sky Sports Italia following Sunday’s 5-1 out of Fiorentina on the final day of the Serie A season.

“We know he is not going to renew with United, but it’s difficult to say that we have closed the deal – He has important attributes. We will do something in that role but we are keeping everything in reserve. First, we have to secure our signings, then announce them,” Mirabelli shared.ย 




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