UFC Welterweight fighter Mike Perry was recorded punching a man and hurling racial slurs outside a bar in Texas.

In the footage we have seen, Mike Perry is seen striking an older man during an escalated dispute. The dispute included at least one of the employee of the establishment asking Perry to leave. In his defense, Perry claimed that he was also “touched” by another patron of the establishment the event took place in.

Following the dispute, Mike Perry could be heard hurling racial slurs repeatedly. Despite having made use of racial slurs publicly multiple times in the past, UFC never imposed any fines or taken any disciplinary action against Platinum Mike.

Due to no charges being filed, Mike might not be facing any legal consequences for this either. A spokesperson from the Lubbock Police department confirmed that an incident report was filed and official investigations are still pending.

This sort of behaviour does not reflect well on the welterweight. Especially considering his history of criminal charges. Public records link him to a battery charge in 2013, a burglary charge in 2014 and probation violation.

We have been following Mike’s career with great interest as we believe he has shown potential in his class. Hopefully, he will not be following McGregor’s public behaviour examples.