The Belgian goalkeeper admits it has not been easy for him adapting himself to being benched following Alisson’s arrival from Roma last summer for a world-record fee of around £65 million.

The Brazilian earned himself the title of one of the most expensive goalkeepers of all time together with Chelsea’s Kepa Arrizabalaga who also joined the Blues in the summer transfer window.

Mignolet, who is yet to make an appearance for the Reds in the Premier League this season is set to be given a chance by Jurgen Klopp in Monday’s FA Cup clash against Wolverhampton.

When asked about his situation of being benched to Alisson this season, the Belgian admitted he’s not very happy but still thinks the decision should be taken by the manager and for the best of the team.

“Of course it isn’t easy,” Mignolet said in an interview with Liverpool’s official website. “I’ve spoken about it before – it’s not something that you want to be doing, but the team is doing so well and you just try to help the team as best as you can.

“I’m behind Alisson who is a really good goalkeeper – probably within the best five goalkeepers in the world, if not the best – and you can accept and understand it.

“We try to work hard and we get along really well as well, the both of us. I can learn from him, he can learn from me and we just try to work as hard as we can.

Mignolet said that they both continuously learn from each other. (Source – Liverpool Official Website)

“Not only between the goalkeepers, but I also know that I have to be ready for if anything happens or the team needs me, and therefore I have to be working hard on daily basis for when the chance comes along or I get called upon.

“It’s not easy, mentally especially, but I try to keep the focus as best as I can. That’s the only thing I can do really.”

Despite losing his position to the Brazil international, Mignolet had nothing but praise for Alisson and was impressed with how it all comes naturally for him making him a very special goalkeeper.

“I think he’s just a naturally good goalkeeper,” Mignolet added. “He’s got the talent and everything comes naturally to him, which makes him a really special goalkeeper.

Alisson made a last-second save which won Liverpool the match against Napoli last month.

“He doesn’t have to really think about anything and switch off, it’s always coming fluently and that makes it very easy for him to play in goal.

“He’s number one for Brazil in front of the keeper for Manchester City, so that says itself a lot already. He’s doing really well for the team and I can only learn from him.”



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