Mercedes Set To Have A Difficult Weekend


Ferrari likely to have an advantage

A quality issue has been the most recent cause of concern for Mercedes. Following a quality issue detected in the engine, Mercedes will need to postpone their planned engine upgrade.

โ€œAlthough we had hoped to introduce PU2 this weekend, a quality issue means that this has now been delayed by one race,โ€ said a team spokesperson.

โ€œAll Mercedes-powered cars will be running PU1 for this weekend.โ€

Hamilton has said that the loss of the upgrade, along with the inevitable drop in performance that comes with high mileage, will make things a lot more difficult.


“This is a power circuit, so it was our target, and definitely would have been helpful,” said Hamilton.

“The guys worked as hard as they could, and we had to take the sensible decision to not bring it, which is definitely unfortunate. We have to try and make do without.

“But it will mean our performance is not probably the greatest. It’s the seventh race on the engine, and the goal is to make the engines stay the same the whole way through, so naturally, it’s degraded, you lose horsepower over races.

“If we’re at 7000kms or whatever it is, it definitely would have lost performance. So at a power circuit, it will probably be magnified.”

When asked if their main rival Ferrari would have an advantage in Canada, Hamilton said;

“Yeah, also particularly if they do bring their upgraded engine. So it might be a difficult weekend.

“All I’m hoping for is reliability. If I’m on the seventh race at a difficult circuit on the engine, I want to see it through. That’s my only concern.โ€

Renault and Honda are still both confirmed to be bringing engine updates to Canada, while there are also unconfirmed report that Ferrari will do the same.



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