Nations League prediction and odds for Malta vs Kosovo

Arena: Prishtina City Stadium

Date & Time: 11th October 2018 – 20:45

Kosovo 1.24 vs Malta 13.00*

*Odds are subject to change. Stay updated here.

Kosovo is the favourite to win against Malta in their Nations League match. While Malta is hoping to build on their last draw against Azerbaijan, the reality is they have gone 12 games without a victory, and are last in their group. Nonetheless, Malta has been training harder than ever at Taโ€™ Qali grounds in preparation for the Kosovo clash and are heading to Prishtina City Stadium with a fighting attitude.

Kosovo vs Malta

TMI spoke with Luca Pagani, Head Physical Trainer at the Malta Football Association, who has drilled the team over the past couple of days.ย ย “Basically this time round we did not have much time to work on the physical side of the players due to the end-of-the-week BOV Premier League matches,โ€ Pagani said, adding โ€œbut we performed two very good recovering training session which went well. ย I am very happy with the physical injury-free condition of our players.โ€

TMI also spoke with Malta head coach Ray Farrugia about the squad;ย “As you can see we have retained the major part of the players who were within the squad for our first two UNL matches,โ€ Farrugia explained.

โ€œWe have been closely monitoring the form of local players in our domestic competitions and our squad selection reflects the result of all this, via assessments and the performance analysis statistics. ย All my team has been working relentlessly in order to get our players in the best possible shape for these two upcoming difficult commitments. I am very pleased with the way things are shaping up.”

Group 3 Results Nations League

Last matches: KOSOVO

10/09/18 – UNL: Kosovo 2 – 0 Faroe Islandsย 
07/09/18 – UNL: Azerbaijan 0 – 0 Kosovoย 
29/05/18 –ย  FI: Kosovo 3 – 0 Albania
27/03/18 – FI: Kosovo 2 – 0 Burkina Faso


Last matches: MALTA

10/09/2018 – ย ย National Stadium: Malta 1 – 1 Azerbaijan
07/09/2018 – ย ย Torshavn, Faroe Islands: Faroe Islands 3 – 1 Malta
08/10/2017 – ย ย Slovakia 3 – 0 Malta
05/10/2017 – ย ย National Stadium: Malta 1 – 1 Lithuania
04/09/2017 – ย ย Hampdon Park: Scotland 2 – 0 Malta
01/09/2017 – ย ย National Stadium: Malta 0 – 4 England


Bet on Kosovo vs Malta


11/10/2018 – 20:45: Kosovo vs Malta
14/10/2018 – 18:00 Azerbaijan vs Malta
17/11/2018 – 18:00 Malta vs Kosovoย ย 
20/11/201 – 20:45 Malta vs Faroe Islandsย 



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