Klopp Remains Confident About Champions League


Klopp wants the best possible ‘end’ for The Champions League

“We are full of desire…,” Klopp said when talking about Liverpool facing Real Madrid. But will it be enough to face the Spanish giants? Klopp spoke to the Press on Monday about The Champions League Final, as the countdown to the final has begun.

Jurgen Klopp spoke in a press conference on Monday regarding his thoughts on the final. Klopp shared that he wants the ‘best possible end.’ The time they had in between the matches is serving them well, Klopp said; “we did not have to rush it into two or three sessions,” he explained, instead they had “time to recover,” which will benefit them on Saturday.

“We deserve to be here,” Klopp insisted, adding that he finds it all so ‘exciting’. Klopp has always been a man of humour and confidence, with one instance this season Klopp even told his players to ‘play naked’. Therefore, he is not at all worried about the experience Real Madrid have, especially since the same players have competed for The Cup in previous years. That experience makes Real Madrid strong competitors. However, Klopp explained that he is not afraid of them;

“Experience is very important life, but not the only important thing – especially in football. It is an advantage but you can level it with desire, readiness, attitude, and work rate.”

“We have our own experience; not that positive an experience that we won the last two finals but we made our own experience, that’s good as well.”

“We are a really good football team”

“Last year we were fourth. Everybody said it constantly over the year but we don’t play international football during the week, true.

“And this year we had international football and obviously our longest journey so far and we are still qualified for the Champions League, so for us, it’s a big step and I really like that.


Klopp intends to shock everyone by performing on a level people haven’t seen yet. The Liverpool boss was optimistic and pointed to the confidence that his side have after their run to the final. When talking about how successful Liverpool will be on Saturday, Klopp expressed;

“We work for our dreams – our big dreams – if we can show that we have a chance”

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