Juventus legend Buffon reveals the two games he regrets


Buffon also discusses his future in an interview

Juventus legend Buffon is on the news again. The goalkeeper turned 40 over the weekend and words were all about him. Buffon is re-thinking to postpone his retirement by a year and fans are ecstatic about it. As part of a tribute to this great athlete, the personalities at Che Tempo Che Fa, held an interview with Buffon. Particularly, Buffon highlights the two matches he has biggest regrets on.

“Yes, I’d like to replay the Juve-Real Madrid Champions League Final from last year and the Euro 2012 Final Italy-Spain, because those are the only games where we lost without putting on to the field the qualities and characteristics of Juve and Italy.”

Last season, Real Madrid won the Champions League over Juventus 4-1. Additionally, Buffon also lost the Euro 2012 Final in Kiev against Spain with a 4-0 score. Till this time, Buffon hasn’t won neither the Champions League nor the Euro Championships.

Regarding the rumours about him postponing his retirement and his future, Buffon said:

“I see myself in football, because at the end of the day, it has always been my life. I don’t think I can know right now if it’ll be as a Coach or a director or what, because I’ll need a five or six month sabbatical when I stop and use that to clear my head.”


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