Jurgen Klopp Told His Players To Play Naked


Mohamed Salah steals the attention from the crowds this season

Ahead of the Liverpoolโ€™s Championship League clash against Manchester City, coach Jurgen Klopp told his players they could train naked. The bizarre claim was intended to express how mesmerising Mohamed Salahโ€™s has been.

Mohamed has been in stunning form this season. So much so, that the coach reckoned that no one would even realise if the players were naked. Everyone focuses on Mo he explained;

โ€œIt is a really good group and, with Mo, everyone really likes the hype around him, all the boys – When we came out for the Champions League training before Man City, I said, โ€˜Come on everybody, let’s go out naked because no one will realise โ€” they are just looking at Moโ€™.


The 25-year old has his eyes set on the Golden Boot. “The way we play is very good,โ€ he told Sky Sports, adding; โ€œyou can see the fans are very happy and I feel very good about that, I feel they want me to win something.โ€

Mo explained; “As you can see the last couple of games, the players are trying to help me a lot now to score goals, because they know now I am in for the Golden Boot – In the end it is an individual award, but it also helps the team gets the points.โ€

The Egyptian star has scored 40 goals in 45 games this season. He is widely expected to sweep up the PFA Player of the Year. Moreover, he could also win the Champions League. Yet he remained humble when he spoke about his current form, โ€œAll of us try to help our team to get the points and be in a better position. Everyone deserves it.”

“Honestly as you can see, I have had a great season and still some games to go. For anyone, the most important thing is to play good, to perform good, to score goals for your team. I am happy in the city, for the club and for myself for sure. It means a lot.”

Liverpool made it to the finals after beating Manchester City in both legs. Now they will face Salahโ€™s old club Roma in the semi-final. It seems Kloppโ€™s remark was simply to draw attention to the player, and express how well he is doing. He said;

โ€œNow we go to Rome. I don’t think the hype will be a little bit less. But it is all okay.โ€