Jurgen Klopp’s agent flirts with Bayern Munich


Speculation linked Klopp with the Bayern Munich job many times

When people talk about Jurgen Klopp, everyone’s mind goes straight forward to free-flowing and attacking football. If you see Liverpool play, one cannot be bored! Overall, Klopp’s football is one of the most exciting and this hasn’t gone unnoticed. As Bayern Munich search for a new manager for next season, Jurgen Klopp’s name comes up every now and then.

The horrible winter schedule

To keep fueling speculation, Marc Kosicke, Klopp’s agent left a couple of comments that Liverpool fans surely don’t want to hear. Kosicke mentioned that the winter schedule could leave an undesired effect on Klopp. Therefore, leaving England could be on the cards in the future.

“He is under contract until 2022 and I don’t think his work is finished [at Liverpool] yet,” Kosicke said on Sport 1.

“But you have to bear in mind many factors. When you move to England, you cannot underestimate the lack of a winter break. This reduces your lifetime.”

Klopp with Bayern Munich?

As Kosicke, talked about future clubs that Klopp could end up with, he mentioned Bayern Munich. Moreover, he had some nice words to say about Klopp and Bayern Munich.

“I have to say that Bayern was often an option because Jurgen knows [president] Uli Hoeness very well. But it was never the right time and nothing definite came of it.

“Back then Franz Beckenbauer was president and the pair worked together as TV experts during the 2006 World Cup. They get on well and are still in contact. But Jurgen can definitely end his coaching career without having coached Bayern Munich.

“Coaching one of the big clubs in Europe isn’t something that is unattractive, but everything has to suit. Yes, Bayern are looking for a coach in the summer, but Jurgen has a long contract. At the moment, Jurgen isn’t thinking about coaching another club than the Reds.

“No coach in the world is bigger than any club. Generally, the club is always bigger. Jurgen isn’t too big for Bayern Munich and Bayern Munich isn’t too big for him.

“He definitely could do a very good job there. Bayern and Klopp would be a good fit, but it’s not an issue right now.”

Jurgen Klopp joined Liverpool in 2015. Since then, Liverpool made progress qualifying for the Champions League this season after failing to do so in recent years. Moreover, the Reds managed to arrive with the last eight teams in the Champions League.

Klopp’s project is working. But could it be cut abruptly soon?



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