Joshua vs Ruiz Jr: Anthony Joshua dismisses concerns about swollen eyes ahead of the world title fight.

Anthony Joshua takes on Andy Ruiz Jr early on Sunday morning, where he will defend his status as the undisputed world heavyweight champion.

Britain’s unified champion will make his debut on US soil against Ruiz Jr at Madison Square Garden on Saturday evening at 8:30pm (ET) / on Sunday morning at 4:00am (CET), land a punishing training camp appears to have taken its toll on Joshua, who has an inflamed right eyelid, a swelling under his left eye and a cut on his nose.

However, the 29-year old world champion has dismissed the rumours of his eye injury being something serious and he even joked about how he sustained them during a sparring session.

“What happened right, I was sparring a lion, because I really want to take this camp seriously,” Joshua said in an interview with Sky Sports.

“It’s just been tough, difficult training. I’m a fighter so the scars and stuff – look at my hands and stuff.

“That’s just another added war wound to my list of scars so that’s all it is.”

His trainer Rob McCracken has said he was pleased with Joshua’s preparations for the fight, even though Ruiz Jr had been introduced as a late replacement after Jarrell Miller failed a drug test.

“It’s been a good camp. He’s in good shape,” McCracken told Sky Sports. “The Miller change was difficult, but Ruiz is a better fighter I think.

“A similar style comes forward, puts pressure on, but AJ adjusted. He’s worked hard. Good sparring and good sparring partners as well. He’s focused on the fight.

“Ruiz is a top-level fighter and he’s dangerous.”

Ruiz from his end has been training hard for the fight and said heโ€™s motivated and looking forward for tomorrowโ€™s fight.

โ€œI think my speed, the aggressiveness, the head movement is going to give him a lot of trouble.

โ€œIโ€™ve been sparring with a lot of the guys heโ€™s been sparring and they tell me the same thing too.

โ€œI donโ€™t want to say [who said that] because then theyโ€™re going to go back over there and theyโ€™re not going to have work.โ€