The reason for James Rodriguez’s downfall revealed


James Rodriguez’s Bayern move, a new chapter in his life

James Rodriguez’s superb World Cup in 2014 exposed his true potential. Practically, it earned him the move from Monaco to Real Madrid. But unfortunately, the Colombian did not maintain the same levels reached in that period of his career. The past season was something to forget about. The talented number 10 failed to cement a place in Zidane’s winning team. Now, James moved to Bayern Munich this summer with the hope to get more minutes on the pitch.

The split

Today, people may get to know what could have been a reason for this past year’s downward spiral. The midfielder has split from his wife Daniela Ospina (sister of Arsenal goalkeeper David Ospina). The couple had been married for the past six years and have a daughter, Salome of four years. According to radio station Caracol one of the reasons for their separation is that they had become estranged to one another.

Ospina chose Instagram to inform the public about the couple’s decision. She posted a photo of herself, James and their daughter. Furthermore, Ospina left a caption with this photo. The 24-year-old emphasized the importance of protecting the best interests of their daughter during the separation process.

โ€œThis [the divorce] has been realised in the best terms and strongest agreement, maintaining a relationship extraordinarily full of love and respect were the wellbeing of Salome always comes first and being life partners in her growth and education.”

At the moment James is still settling with his new club. Currently, the squad is in Singapore preparing for the coming season. In the games he played in, James’ hasn’t impressed a lot. Problems underlying behind the divorce process may have affected his performances at Real Madrid and even now. Moreover, reports stated that James’ now former wife will have custody of their daughter. Could the distance between him and his daughter continue to impact his football? We will have to wait and see.



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