Is Mourinho Mistreating His Players?


Mourinho does not let his players ‘off the leash’

Mourinho Gave His Players An Ultimatum in order to demand loyalty.  ‘Back me or leave’ Mourinho said in the final weeks of the season. As the campaign drew close, Mourinho grew increasingly frustrated. His team were not performing well which made Mourinho furious. As a result, he told his team whoever wanted to go could just leave.

Mourinho also made it clear he was doing things his way whether they liked it or not,  and that he was only there to succeed. Despite, Mourinho’s eagerness to succeed, the team finished second. While this is considerably good and in fact remains to be the best league position since Sir Alex Ferguson retired, Mourinho was still not pleased.

Mourinho did not feel that is was enough and he berated his players after the match. Question marks have been appearing over the Portuguese manager’s tenure after the Old Trafford side went a season without a trophy.

Moreover, there are worries over his treatment of players, with Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial and Romelu Lukaku all the latest stars to feel the wrath of the former Chelsea boss.

On Saturday, problems started as soon as the team were back in the dressing room. The Metro reported that Mourinho spent less than 10 minutes in the changing-room and therefore most definitely did not give his players a grand speech. Reality is that they were left deflated. Mourinho spent his time wishing his players well ahead of their holidays but did not give them the praise they deserved.

Old Trafford is going through some dark times under Mourinho management. Mourinho will be backed again in the transfer market, but the club want to see him get the best out of big-name signings like Paul Pogba and Alexis Sanchez – something he has so far failed to do. It might be time for Mourinho to look at things differently.


Mark Lawrenson has accused Mourinho of promoting ‘football from the dark ages’. Mourinho’s tactics won’t be accepted by the fans or his players for much longer.

“Mourinho walks around like he has a permanent sharp stone in his shoe. He is miserable and I don’t understand why he needs to be like this.
“He has gone to a massive football club in Man United, they have given him all the money he could want and yet he just won’t players with egos and a bit of spark express themselves. I just don’t get it.

“Why would you sign Paul Pogba and Alexis Sanchez and Marcus Rashford in your team if you are not going to let them play where they will be at their best? I just don’t get it.”

Lawrenson summed it up when he said;

“I think these players are good enough, but the manager [Mourinho] seems worried to death about letting them off the leash.”



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