Hamilton Makes Announcement About Mercedes


Despite problems, Hamilton has faith in Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton has accepted Mercedes for its fallbacks, most notably for its trail in F1 Pecking order over the last month. However, he has faith in Mercedes, and that the 2018 car will be able to take him to a fifth world title.

โ€œIโ€™m still here to win and still believe that we can,โ€ Hamilton insisted after losing title lead to Vettel after Ferrariโ€™s Canada surge. He relinquished his lead falling to fifth, and Ferrari comfortably drove to victory in the Canadian GP giving Mercedes a wake-up call.

Hamilton was affected by cooling problems in his car’s engine that day.”I started the race and I was thinking I have got to attack,” he said, “but I had no power.”

The engine was overheating in the first stint, and Mercedes eventually had to bring Hamilton’s pit stop forward to open extra cooling ducts in the car. Even so, the engine was down on power for the rest of the race, which handicapped Hamilton in his pursuit of Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo, who had got ahead as a result of that early pit stop. Ultimately, Hamilton is grateful to have finished the race at all.

“I’m sure the next couple of days it will get more and more painful because ultimately it was a poor weekend, but it could be a lot worse. I could have had a DNF and lost 25 points,” he said.

“However, in the two races, we have lost 18 points so we have definitely fallen behind a little bit in that respect.”

Currently, Mercedes trails behind Ferrari with one point with a third of the 21-race season completed. Hamilton is not letting any doubts into his mind that he will not be able to win.

โ€œI donโ€™t let that get into my mind,โ€ Hamilton said referring to whether the Mercedes W09 car will be able to win him another title, โ€œThat would be the first sign of weakness and my mind is not weak. Iโ€™m still here to win and still believe that we can.โ€

Hamilton remains to be confident and believes the car has potential. He noted that Mercedes are not always the ones to outperform others but that they should go down in history as doing โ€˜the better jobโ€™ and not necessarily having the โ€˜best carโ€™.

The Red Bulls are every now and then are in the mix, Ferrari has been, I would say, the most consistent, but there are a lot of races to come.

“These engines have to go a long way, that’s going to make things happen and that’s why I’m really grateful for this one,โ€ Hamilton added.

Mercedes expected to be strong in Montreal, however, Ferrari closed the gap in the constructorsโ€™ championship to Mercedes to just 17 points with 14 races left to go.

Will Mercedes be able to catch up?


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