Hackers steal €2million from De Vrij transfer


Lazio tricked into email scam

Reports on Italian newspaper Il Tempo stated that Lazio lost around €2million after falling for an email scam set up by hackers. Prosecutors are still monitoring the case as the Italian club try to recover the mentioned money.

According to Il Tempo, Lazio received an email on behalf of Feyenoord, requesting the last installment of De Vrij’s transfer from the Dutch club to Lazio. The email seemed legitimate as it had the Feyenoord badge and details that normally appear. In fact, Lazio did not hesitate to make the payment. They used the bank account details mentioned in the email. But the money never arrived in Feyenoord’s bank account. Besides that, the Dutch champions claimed that they had no knowledge of this email. Moreover, the Italian newspaper concluded that the prosecutors traced the payment destination to a Dutch bank. Apparently the money were rerouted into the hands of hackers as the IBAN number had been changed from that of Feyenoord’s.

Stefan De Vrij joined Lazio for a fee of around €7million in 2014 after shining in the Brazil World Cup. Fast-forward to this summer, De Vrij will eventually leave Lazio for free as his contract expires in June. Many clubs registered interest in the central defender but Inter remain in pole position to steal his signature.


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