Ferrari Growing Confident With Reason


Canadian win after over a decade

Ferrariโ€™s F1 confidence is growing as their hopes increase. Ferrari broke a 14-year long winless drought in the Canadian Grand Prix giving them a new perspective. Their improvements to Sebastian Vettelโ€™s car seems to have paid off.

Ferrari introduced its second-specification power unit as well as debuted a new set of aerodynamic upgrades including modified bargeboards and used the latest fuel provided by its long-time partner Shell – who Vettel only had nice things to say about.

โ€œThe carโ€™s been beautiful today,โ€ Vettel said โ€œIt was just getting better, so we were able to match the gap and just control the race from there. At the end I was just praying the car stays fine, nothing would break. Itโ€™s been a really good weekend. Yesterday was perfect โ€“ Friday was difficult, but we bounced back.

โ€œWith the improvements we made for this weekend, mostly on the power unit, introducing a new engine helped us around this track probably a bit more than other tracks, but it was a team effort.โ€

Vettel praised his team’s effort and thanked the partners after winning the Canadian Grand Prix on Sunday. Vettel dominated from lights to flag, giving Ferrari their first win since Michael Schumacher took home the Canadian in 2004.

โ€œLike every Grand Prix, thereโ€™s no one person to dedicate it to,โ€ said Vettel. โ€œI dedicate it today to the team, to the guys in Maranello, and to the Canadian fans and the Canadian Tifosi. I think theyโ€™ve been waiting long enough for Ferrari to do well here.

โ€œForty years after Gilles won his Grand Prix here, I think itโ€™s great to show that Ferrari is still alive, still there, winning races. Iโ€™m just extremely proud to become part of that story, step by step, and hopefully a bit more in the future.โ€

With Vettelโ€™s teammate Kimi Raikkonen taking sixth, Ferrari also closed the gap on Mercedes in the constructorsโ€™ standings, with the deficit now down to 17 points. Ferrari have a new found confidence and are striving for success.


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