Fernando Alonso Has An Important Decision To Make


Alonso considers his future

Fernando Alonso has spoken up about his future plans, and he has announced he has an important decision to make on his motorsport future. Amid the speculation that the two-time F1 champion could move to IndyCar, he has spoken up about his plans.

Alonso has set his sights on winning the triple crown of Indy 500, and when pressed to confirm if he will be part of the 2019 grid, he said;

“I don’t know, 2019 is still a long way ahead. Normally, I try to take my decisions after the summer break and this year is no different.

“An important decision is coming for sure.”

McLaren themselves have in part fuelled the speculation Alonso could race in IndyCar next year after confirming they too may join the series.

“We like IndyCar racing and North America is an important market for us,” team chief Zak Brown told Sky F1.

“IndyCar is looking like a strong possibility.”

However as Alonso has confirmed, no decision has been made, despite a trail of clues he has left behind.

If Alonso wins at Le Mans, the triple crown he has targeted would be one victory away at the Indy 500 and with his team not providing the performance he so desperately desired this season, he might just call time on F1.


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