England Striker’s Wife Set For VAR Role


Rebekah Vardy VAR Expert

BetBright have signed striker Jamie Vardy’s wife Rebekah Vardy to be their VAR expert for the duration of the tournament. She has undergone intense training to be able to earn such a title, and she is confident going forward.

“Growing up with my Dad shouting at the telly when a referee made a bad decision has definitely influenced me, I know when to voice my opinion!” she explained.

Premier League referee Mark Hasley trained alongside Rebekah and intends to give her view on the decisions as they happen, via the bookmakers’ social media feeds. Moreover, she was impressed with Rebekah’s efforts.

“Rebekah was fantastic,” she said, “she took on all the information and tips and impressed me with how well she controlled the players on the pitch.”

“After reviewing some contentious decisions from previous tournaments, she used her knowledge to good effect and gave the correct call when tested.”

RebekahVardyRebekah explained her crash course in VAR has given her some real expertise in being able to call out decisions in a split second.

“I know players and managers alike have vented their frustration at VAR before, especially following the England versus Italy friendly back in March, when a VAR-awarded penalty cost England a win with only five minutes left!

“Now, with my new-found knowledge on VAR, I know that during the World Cup, when I shout out my decision it will be the correct one!”

The new VAR system will ensure referees make the correct calls, shocking tackles get punished and dishonest players are punished for diving.


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