WhyteParkerWhyte vs Parker could lead to AJ fight

The British heavyweight Dillian Whyte is set to face New Zealand’s Joseph Parker on Saturday at the O2. Both fighters are hoping to secure a future world title bout match against Anthony Joshua.

Whyte believes that AJ “thought he was a god” before their fight in 2015, but says his British heavyweight rival would now be “destroyed” in a rematch.

He won’t be like Parker where they’re both standing off each other,” he said referring to Parker’s fight with Joshua, “If he don’t want to fight me, I’ll be chasing him all night long.

Whyte admits he was not physically or mentally ready for his 2015 stoppage loss to Joshua in 2015 but was glad to expose vulnerability in AJ who was wobbled in the second round at the time.

“He knows he came very close to losing to me. It doesn’t matter what he says, he’s openly admitted it after, years after that. He was being hurt badly in the fight.

“We’re just two fighters, that we just have that style, and that chemistry together.

When talking about their previous fight, Whyte explained that he wasn’t well enough prepared to win.

“Never had enough time, wasn’t training right, wasn’t living right,” said Whyte, who underwent extensive shoulder surgery after the fight.

“I had problems at the end of the fight. I wasn’t mature enough as well, mentally. Mentally I was thinking, fight, fight, destroy, destroy, but now I approach it differently. I just know what to do now.

Dillian Whyte vs Joseph Parker will take place on Saturday 28th July.


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