The ‘shocking’ cost of completing the 2018 World Cup sticker album


Costs around sticker album brought fury among collectors

The World Cup fever is on more than ever. With the launch of the Panini 2018 World Cup sticker album, many people become ecstatic about collecting all the stickers needed to complete it. Wherever you wander, there will be a big probability that you’ll find someone swapping stickers. Unfortunately, this year collectors have to dig deeper in their pockets to complete their sticker album!

According to Professor Paul Harper, of the School of Mathematics at the Cardiff University, it will cost around ยฃ773 (โ‚ฌ882.34c) to collect the 682 stickers in the album without swapping. Professor Harper also analysed the scenario of swapping stickers with 10 friends. This time the costs showed an average cost ofย ยฃ247 (โ‚ฌ281.90c).

Professor Harper calculated that if a collector is lucky enough not to find a duplicate sticker, he would need at least 137 packets. Nonetheless, everyone knows that this is not the case scenario. Further calculations showed that the percentage of not finding a duplicate goes down gradually. But after factoring in that stickers come in packets of five, Professor Harper concluded that it would take 4,832 stickers. This is equivalent to 967 packets with a cost ofย ยฃ773.60 (โ‚ฌ883.26). Interestingly, with 19 stickers to go, 483 packets are still required to complete the album.

Panini’s reaction

Panini went out to defend itself from criticism about their methods and prices. It said that many of the calculations were made without considering the swapping option. The Italian company also pointed out that with social media in our lives, it has become easier to swap and complete the album.

ย โ€œWe encourage all of our collectors both young and old to engage with each other and trade stickers, whether that be in the playground or on social media,”ย a spokesperson for Panini said.

โ€œAs sticker collectors know, the fun of sticker collecting is in the swapping. If you trade well, the theoretical cost of completing the album comes right down.

โ€œIf you have difficulty swapping, you can send off to Panini for your missing stickers. The theoretical cost calculated by the academics issues that the collector in in a bubble with no one to swap with or no access to the internet to send off to our missing stickers service.โ€

Unlike the older times, the ‘mission’ to complete the whole sticker album has become much more difficult. And expensive! Panini added more players, stadiums and ‘legends’. When taking a glance back at theย 1986 the album, only 427 stickers were needed. Now, it contains 682. The difference in cost also differs massively from the older albums to this year’s. If one minimally compares the cost of a five-sticker packet at EURO 2016 with this year’s, one can find a difference of 30p (around โ‚ฌ0.35c).

What can we expect for EURO 2020?


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