Buffon reveals the best save of his career


The 40-year-old also mentions his favourite matches of his career

As Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon was participating in a Facebook ‘Question and Answer’ session, he revealed which was the best save, clean-sheet and favourite match of his career. Are there any surprise answers? Let’s see.

The best saves and clean-sheets

Surprisingly, Juventus’ number 1 mentions three different saves. He responded:

โ€œThe one from Inzaghi with a header, the one against Lyon from close range last season. I had a nice one against Newcastle [United] too which came to mind.”

When asked about his favourite clean-sheet, Buffon replied that he clearly remembers the one he got in his Champions League debut against Sparta Prague. More recently, he mentions last year’s clean-sheet against Lyon on the day Juventus won 1-0.

His favourite match

When answering the question about his favourite match, Buffon was more diplomatic.

โ€œMy favourite moment is the beginning and the end, they mark important steps. At the start youโ€™re experiencing new emotions, becoming what you are after so many sacrifices as a kid,” Buffon replied.

โ€œAt the end you can look back and see how far youโ€™ve come.”

Nonetheless, fans managed to get a more clear and desired answer from the legendary goalkeeper.

โ€œGermany-Italy in the 2006 World Cup without a doubt, and Juve-Real Madrid in 2003 which gave us incredible emotions.

โ€œThen of course there was my debut with Milan.โ€

Gianluigi Buffon returned with the national team last week after announcing his retirement back in November. Many saw this return as a signal that he won’t hang up his gloves yet despite indications that this may be his last season. In the process, he played over a 1,000 matches while breaking several records. His last desire will be that of winning the Champions League, the one trophy that eluded him so far in his incredible career.




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